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We proudly use and sell Ablis CBD products.

We proudly use and sell Ablis CBD products.

  • Swedish Massage/Relaxation: Long flowing strokes of medium to light pressure. Just the thing to decompress, relax and lose yourself.

  • Deep Tissue/Therapeutic: Targeted pressure to release muscular adhesion and increase pain free range of motion. Whether chronic injury or from repetitive motions Deep tissue unlocks your body’s holding pattern and releases you from cycle of pain.

  • Hot Stone Massage: Simply bliss! Heated stones help flush the muscle and skin with blood while expert hands work stress and pain easily away. We recommend 90 minutes.

  • Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage: Using our body cushion support system to ensure comfort throughout the trimesters, alleviating aches and pains associated with a changing body. Benefit from experience hands and get the therapy you deserve and need!

  • Couple’s Massage: For any 2 people wanting to experience the benefits of massage together. A great way to introduce someone you love to massage. Our massage rooms are adjacent and can be separated or adjoined by a door according to your preference.  Please Contact Us to arrange your massages. Pricing: 60 minutes / $90 ea. & 90 minutes / $130 ea.

  •  Sports Massage: Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro athlete massage can help you excel at your sport. Sports massage increases blood flow to tired sore muscles, lengthens tissue to increase range of motion and decreases recovery time. Getting you back at it feeling faster and fresher more quickly.

Gift Certificates and Pre-Paid Massage: Feel free to pay on-line for your scheduled appointment. (Click Button Below) If this is a gift: please note that the gift certificate will be sent via email to your chosen recipient at check out. If you'd like to delay your gift, enter your own email address as recipient and simply forward the email on the special day.

Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice to either cancel or move your scheduled appointment. If you have missed your appointment and need to pay your cancellation fee please click below. We appreciate your respect for our time and business.

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